How to Bill for Support Tax

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There are several companies who need to pay support tax. They have to get authorized, pay tax as required and computer file a regular come back with the support tax regulators. To make sure conformity with these conditions of law, a appropriate system of invoicing, or offering invoices for expenses made by clients, should be in place.

Add tax, cess

While creating an bill for the support delivered, add the support tax and knowledge cess individual items, which are measured on the amount due for the support.

List the number

Ensure that the PAN-based support tax variety plate is estimated on the bill. This allows you and the person taking the transaction to declare a set-off. This helps you to use the support tax obtained on invoices to pay those who do the same in readiness their invoices.


Your bill should have a variety, time frame and deal with, which should coordinate those offered on the support tax signing up.


Maintain a list of the support tax compensated and obtained, and make sure this is available as assisting papers while processing the support taxes under Type ST-3.

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